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Awning Accessories

SunSetter awning cover

Awning Cover

Keeps the awning neat and protected from birds, dirt, and ice when not in use.

SunSetter wireless wind sensor

Wireless Wind Sensor

Closes your awning automatically on very windy days. You set the sensitivity. Easy to use. Battery powered. Made by Somfy®.

Aluminum hood

Aluminum Hood

Hard case that provides exceptional protection for your awning fabric and motor when the awning is closed.

Dimming LED lights

Dimming LED Lights

Energy-efficient, yet bright and durable, the Dimming LED Lights attached directly to the awning’s arms illuminating the entire area underneath your awning.

SunSetter rain sensor

Wireless Rain Sensor

Automatically closes your awning based on pre-determined standards. Uses optical rain-sensing technology to measure rainfall and sends an RTS command to automatically close your awning.

SunSetter weatherbreaker panel

Weatherbreaker Panels

Helps block 90% of sun, wind, and mist from coming in the sides of your awning, yet lets in filtered light ad gentle breezes.

Patio lights

Patio Lights

Set of 6. Create ambiance and brighten the night with these stylish patio lights.

Somfy Wireless Wall Switch

Somfy Wireless Wall Switch

Control your new awning from a wall switch in addition to your included hand-held remote. This switch also operates multiple awnings or other Somfy products.

Wind Assist Pole Kit

Wind Assist Pole Kit

These poles are easy to attach and remove when needed. They can be added to any retractable awning in windy locations.

Interested in learning more about our retractable awning accessories?

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